Chipmunks at IHOP

Today I encountered a very amusing reverb at the IHOP sound board. Now, you may not be familiar with this sound board, but it is state-of-the-art; the M7CL Yamaha Digital board. I love it. It is a sound board and a computer (sort of)! I can save all my settings, it has a touch screen and even the settings are displayed on a graph. Did I mention that I really love it?!

At any rate, today I was experimenting with reverbs and seeing what I could create. For you non-sound techs out there, a reverb is an echo that makes the music or voice sound like it is in a huge room or an amphitheater or generally something much better than the weird box with many corners that is our prayer room. So, in the midst of my perusal today, what did I find? Well non other than an effect that makes a voice sound like the chipmunks! But, not only does it speed up their voice to this point of shrill sensory experience, it also changes the pitch so that it is a harmony! Harmonizing Chipmunks! Who’d have thunk!


I spent 10 minutes chuckling to myself at the sound board while imagining the effect of adding harmonizing chipmunks to harp and bowl. Can you imagine!! Plus the hilarity of hearing the prophetic singers voices translate thus. Oy (Yes, “Oy” – a cross between a sigh and an exclamation)… I do not have words to describe the enjoyment. I am greatly tempted to bring out this effect in the future. So, if you ever notice additional high-pitched (Harmonized!) voices in the midst of spontaneous singing or a chorus… hee, hee…. you know who is responsible. 😉


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