Road trip!!

I am excited about the Call! I am switching to ‘days’ tonight in preparation. [‘Days’ is nightwatch lingo, meaning on a ‘day’ schedule or bascially going to bed like a normal person and waking up in the mornings.]

My reasons:

1. Because my schedule allows it.

2. I think it will be easier on my body to be on a day schedule for 6 days instead of 3.

3. Or at least it will be easier to be alert during The Call.

I have the oddest habit of falling asleep in random places. Frankly, my body sometimes scares me. I close my eyes in the prayer room and bam I am out. Not good. Basically, my body does not handle sleep-deprivation very well.

At any rate, I am really excited about driving to the call (road trip with friends!) and then being at the call (prayer, fasting, corporate worship, the Holy Spirit – it will be awesome) and also about staying at a hotel with friends (I like my friends) and finally about driving back from the call (no more 40-day fast, wahoo!!!). Hence I am very excited. 😀


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