Confessions of an avid Narnia fan…

Okay, yes I am a dork… and proud of it 🙂

If you want information about Narnia – I am a good source of information. Once a person asked me how often I had read the Chronicles of Narnia. I had to pause at this ridiculous question – how many times – beyond count. I read Narnia before I even could read – my early memories include my parents reading Narnia to me after dinner. Let me tell you, when you are 5 or 6 years old, it can be dreadful when the end of the chapter looms. C.S. Lewis is really good at cliff-hangers!

Narnia Map

 I still own those books that my parents read to me. Quite a bit of sentimental value. They are yellowed and wrinkled from getting wet at various time, the covers are most off and mostly scotch-taped on all of the books. My favorite of all the books is The Horse and His Boy. I love it. I think because the book conveys the sense of our ‘unbelonging’ in this world.

I have enjoyed the Narnia movie as well. (The recent Disney version of course – the older BBC movies are ridiculous). Although I don’t like how in Disney’s adaptation they have the Pevensie children whining and complaining and trying to get out of Narnia. In the books the children are delighted at an adventure.

Narnia and Aslan

At any rate, I am pleased to inform you that the next movie Prince Caspian is supposed to be out in theaters in May, 2008 and then Voyage of the Dawn Treader in May, 2009. I am looking forward to it. So much so, that I have been regularly checking out Disney’s Blog concerning their production. I expect they will make changes again in the next film and that I will not be pleased with all of them. However, I still enjoyed how they brought the book to life in film, so it will be fun to see it.

I don’t mind if you label me a Narnia nerd 🙂 . I happily enjoy these books, from reading them to listening to the audio production to watching the movie. They are entertaining, quick reads, with depth and insight and they are clean!


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