Ear plugs abound

I am not sure what I got myself into… this phrase keeps running through my mind as I consider how many hours of sound I am running right now. Yep. That’s right. Hard to believe. 24 hrs a week. Between that recent increase, my training of a new sound tech, planning lessons for CEC, preparing to teach for the Daniel Academy, developing my life in prayer and working in the prayer room as the Evening Sound Section Leader – well things are a bit busy.

Everything was fitting really well, until I volunteered to help Clay’s team. Mostly I am feeling the wear on my ears. I am really concerned about causing permanent harm to my ears. So, I wear ear plugs A LOT. Yes, I have now been reduced to the semi-ridiculous. Ear plugs when I vacuum and when I blow-dry my hair. Those activities are LOUD by the way, and after I have run 6 hours of sound in one day, with two sets at 80-85 db and one set around 92 db – my little ears are worn out. I really do not want to have lost noticeable hearing a year from now. SO, you will be all seeing a new tenacity to cover my ears.

For which purpose, I recommend Etymotic’s even frequency reduction earplugs. Very effective for making things quieter but not sounding like you are underwater. I do also enjoy the normal foam earplugs as well – especially when my ears start ringing at high frequencies. They are a pleasant relief. But for good all around enjoyment of the prayer room – and the capability to sing and pray while wearing ear protection – I recommend the Etymotic.


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