Entering hour 34 of no-sleep…

The bed is beckoning me. 🙂 I made it! It is now almost 11pm and I sucessfully made it through today without sleeping. Fought a few nods and during the 8pm intercession it was hard to keep from closing my eyes. They just wanted to close on their own. I was aided by several cups of coffee, including one cup of instant foldgers from the machine at FSM. Suprisingly it was not horrible. I so needed the caffeine burst that it seemed really good. Of course, the burnt tongue from the first sip probably helped the taste too. Without taste buds, everything seems good. 😛

 Oh and the 8pm intercession was really good. Ben, one of the singers, went off on an oracle over South Korea and the place broke loose in intercession. It was really intense. Then Misty went off praying for North Korea at the end. I love it when the whole room is engaged in intercession. Our little prayers really make a difference, and when people realize it and step up in intercession the room shifts and prayer really breaks loose. I love it.

 Hurrah I am off to sleep!!


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