Sound and IHOP

I do wonder…

Why is it that so many talented musicians and singers come to IHOP, people who train for years to be on a worship team, and yet there are so few talented sound techs. The majority of sound techs at IHOP have very little experience, not much of a musical ear, and are basically people willing to serve. Which is totally wonderful. But man, we need people who know sound. Sound is as much an instrument to be developed and studied as is a voice or guitar. So few people choose to invest the time and energy. I am perplexed as to why. Perhaps the lack of glory. Perhaps it just doesn’t seem as fun. (I think it is fun). I just know that there is a dramatic difference between musicians on a team and their sound tech; the musician has practiced and learned for years and the tech has been trained for a month and doesn’t know what they are doing.

I want to improve that. I am trying to train techs, but I don’t know how to give language to what I have simply learned by doing and listening. The human ear needs to be trained, musicians know this for sure, how do I train sound techs to listen to a mix? How do I find people who are talented, yet humble? How do I guide techs to choose others before themselves again and again and again? The sound tech department of IHOP has a revolving door. So many begin and then quit.

 It is so difficult to find someone who is a servant, teachable, enjoys music, is dedicated and willing to go the road of meekness.

How do I find these people? I don’t know. How do I train them? I don’t know.

Oh, Lord, you see this simple need, help us!  


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