The Education System

I was browsing the NY Times today, and encountered several articles on education. It enfuriates me that the Education System is propounding views that are unethical, ungodly, and down-right hypocritical. Oh for the day when the teacher’s unions are not part of a political party. Ugh. I remember a quote I read recently. It went something along the lines of ‘demoncracy is the worst political system, except for all the rest’. And another one stating that political parties are the only effective way of getting things accomplished in government. Whether, those things are actually worth getting accomplished when they are accepted into laws is another question. Point being, political parties are ineffective.

I find it totally insane that Stanford is protesting the apointment of Rumsfeld as a ‘distinguished visiting fellow’. He comes and lectures, advises a few students and that is the end of it. The university is freaking out because a man who was in a high polictical office, hence intelligent and likely competent. A man who was in authority before he resigned because of the public turning against the Bush administration. What happened to respecting those in authority? From the article, quoting a professor of psychology: “It is unacceptable to have someone who represents the values that Rumsfeld has portrayed, in an academic setting”. I find it insane and laughable that an institution such as Standfor is protesting the appointment of someone on the grounds of ‘values he represents’. It also makes me angry that this guy presumes that academic institutions ought to only educate along certain values that are ungodly.

 Another picture of the politically liberal nature of education are the education reforms in New Orleans. The sad thing is, that what this man is doing – feeding children and trying to meet their needs – is the most godly response. Yet apart from Christ, apart from the gospel, apart from the One who is Life – his efforts will only go so far.

Oh for the day when there is a school system where children learn the knowledge of God along with academic education. Sigh. Tis’ true I dream about the millennium and what school systems will look like then. One of the reasons I love The Daniel Academy. Yet what we are doing at TDA is so infantile, to lack a better word. We are birthing something. I dream of when that something has come to fruition. For the children in the inner city schools, where it seems as though all of society is set against them. The worst teachers, the least funding for books, the oldest schools, not much food, not many baths, being raised by a 9 yr-old sibling. Everything is set against these little ones. Everything in society. Will God break in? Before Jesus returns? Is it possible to see city-wide transformation, even into the darkest areas? I believe it is. We need to intercede.


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