Equality congruency servanthood

I have been perusing the Word of Life a volume of systematic theology for the last few hours. In the midst of this marvelous study (what can be more moving that studying Jesus!) I have encountered an mind-twisting reality. Jesus is both equal to God, in being the Son of God, and Jesus is less than God in assuming the role of a servant, taking on the form of man and so on. It gives a whole new definition to the term equality. Everyone demands equality, and decries injustice when they believe they have not been treated in fairness. Not that many multitudes in this world aren’t experiencing injustice; this world is a dark and wicked place.

 Rather, I was struck by Jesus’ definition and understanding of equality. He and the Father are one. Yet Jesus only does the will of the Father. He only acts according to God the Father’s commands. It is a fascinating thing. To be equal yet to take the role of a servant. And because of Jesus being the God-man, He is also both equal to and less than the Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit, the comforter, the helper, also becomes the servant-of-all. I find it marvelous to see how equality exists in the Trinity. Not that each person has his equal share, which He does, but that each person of the Godhead takes their equality and becomes a servant. Becomes lower. It’s a beautiful reality and relationship.

Equality and servanthood cohere congruently. Just as you cannot separate Jesus’ identity as the Son of God from His identity as the Son of Man. It is impossible to separate true equality from true servanthood. Kind of turns the whole women’s lib stuff upside down, don’tcha think?


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