Wi-Fi Yippy!

My internet habit is now enabled! Hurrah!

Yes, that’s right, today for the first time, my house has internet. I expect you have wondered how I have been active online without this connection. True, IHOP has free wireless, but as I generally only pray and study with my computer there, other activities such as surfing the ‘net being frowned upon in a prayer environment. Which I heartily agree with, and only occasionally groaned about. Yes, IHOP was not exactly the place to blog. My unreliable internet source for the last year or so has been the typical – yes, the neighbor’s unsecured network. I don’t reccomend it, b/c it makes your computer more open to hackers and viruses. So, if you have an unsecured network, be wise, add a password. My neighbor finally did so, and after a bit of discussion among roommates, we have decided to get internet! I am exstatic.

Plus I need it since all of my gradebooks and lesson plans for school are posted online.

Well, I just wanted to share this joyful news with you all. Break out the party streamers and little plastic horns.


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