Privacy and Defending the vulnerable

Quoting Senator Obama “The role of the [supreme] court is to protect people who may be vulnerable”.

From the Democratic presidential candidate’s debate a few nights ago… I find it particulary interesting that the primary democratic defense against abortion, is the woman’s right to privacy. The candidates continually cried out for privacy! Privacy! Simultaneously stating that the role of the supreme court is to fight for the rights of the vulnerable. I find this corruption nauseating. The men and women who have positions of authority in our government are acting in utter hypocrisy. What about Truth and Justice? How can the ‘right to privacy’ even compare to the murder of a defensless vulnerable child?

The millions of children in our nation that have been aborted are the most defenseless, the most silent, the most hidden victims of our obsessive desire for convenience and privacy. “How dare you expose my sin!” is the cry of the multitudes.

If you want a sobering reality check, check out this world clock. So far today, by mid-afternoon, 72,991 babies have been aborted. Their blood is crying out for justice. We cannot depend on politicians to act for the weakest among us. We must turn to the prayer room. Literally the governmental center of the universe. As a friend said earlier today, ‘what we do in prayer is real’. Real lives are changed, God really moves. The doors He opens can by shut by no man and the doors He shuts, yes, no man can open them. Let’s pray for God to move in the midst of Washington DC, that just laws would replace Roe v. Wade.

I am decidedly an ‘issues voter’. I will only vote for a pro-Life candidate. Hands down. No debate. I will not compromise the truth for the sake of convenience. And if Guiliani wins the republican nomination, my vote is going elsewhere.


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