Singing the Word

I have rather belatedly decided on a few new years resolutions. A few weeks ago I was somewhat snickering at people who were making those temporary-just-do-it-to-feel-better-now sort of vows. I don’t like committing to something that I am going to give up on in a week.

But I have been provoked. First by some near friends and their lifestyle. (BEST sort of provoking there is!) Second by an overheard conversation in the midst of a new bible study plan and a few things God had been speaking to me. Sounds like a divine appointment if I have ever heard of one.

So, my resolution this year is to be a determined singer of the Word. I have spent quite a bit of time studying the Bible, but when it comes to actually singing it. Although I have heard about it for a long time, well, every time I tried it was just awkward. I can carry a tune, although it may not sound stellar, it won’t be painful. But, well, singing the bible sometimes just feels silly.

Why the change? Well, I have a new plan to go deep into the book of the Song of Songs. I took 6 months a few years ago, to study the song of Solomon in depth. And I have a good understanding of what the language means, interpreted through the New Testament in the paradigm of Jesus loving the church. But very little of that language has become my heart language, nor have I gone as deep in it as I have wanted to. So, I spent time pondering what I could do, to get my emotions and heart more involved in what my head has learned, and I realized. I need to begin singing the book. So, I have a new plan and I began a few days ago, with chapter 1, verses 2 – 4.

So far? Well, I haven’t gotten very much. No revelations that is, nor stunning heavenly experience. But I did find my heart moving in love for Jesus again, and I was weeping a little bit over the beauty of God. So, that is a good beginning.

Now, I am going to blatantly steal an analogy from a leader here at the House of Prayer. I guess it’s not plagiarism if I say this is not my idea first, but I really like it. Anyway, so singing the word is like stacking up the dry wood. It doesn’t feel like you are doing much. In fact it feels like nothing is happening. Fasting is like pouring lighter fluid all over the dry wood. It is going to add to the eventual combustion. But, God is the one who chooses when to drop the match. I really like that analogy. I can remember several times in my life when God just dropped that ‘match’ and everything in me lit on fire. I felt something only God can do, change, shift dramatically in me. Our works do not accomplish it, they just position us for God to do the work. So, I am feeling charged up to do some more singing of the Word. And to wait for God to bring the Word to life within me.


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