Envy is a terrible thing

I have been doing some reading and studying on the topic of envy the past week or so. And the results are giving me that sort of ‘trembly’ feeling inside.

“A sound heart is life to the body, but envy is rottenness to the bones” Proverbs 14:30

God, in his mercy, has put me in several situations the last few weeks that have been bringing up envy and covetousness. [Oh the depravity of my soul!] I used to sort of give a side-glance to whenever envy came up in my spirit. Sort of like “eh whatever, no big deal”. But that was foolishness. Envy is a terrible thing. It’s end result is murder; because of envy Cain killed Abel, Sarah cast Hagar & Ishmael out to starve, Esau and Jacob were deeply divided. The results of that brotherly competition is still seen in the midst of the hatred of nations today.

Quite simply, envy is when you see something that your friend or brother has and you want it. It clouds your mind so you end up accusing them in your heart of sin or some sort or another. Just to excuse why you are disliking them so much. It causes terrible division. This is why I say that God in his mercy has put me in situations where I am struggling with this. And, in His mercy, He is giving me the grace to resist it.

But I just want to say, we need to resist envy! We cannot just ignore it, allowing it to foster in our souls and grow into something evil that quenches the life in our spirit and our communion with God. It must be resisted and fought – and by the power of the Holy Spirit it can be overcome. I want to be an overcomer.


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