Ear-ringing moment

Today, unfortunately, was an ear-ringing day. Only for a minute or two. And it has been several weeks since I have had an ear-ringing moment, so I am not worried about my hearing. But, I digress…

Several things made today, as previously stated, such that caused my ears to ring. (Technically my left ear) First I ran sound for 4 hours. Not unusual for me, but they were both intercession sets. Averaging around 88 db. They were also especially loud, both hit around 93db briefly. It would have been louder if I had not kept on pulling the volume down. 

Second, Mike prayed at both sets. I haven’t seen MB pray at both the 10am and 4pm sets in a long time, several months at least. Thankfully, it went swimmingly, the sound was good for all four hours, and both sets went well. 

Hopefully the mundaneness of this topic has not put you to sleep. If so, oh well. I make no apologies. 🙂 This is the life of a sound tech… lots of jargon about db and frequencies and SPL’s. Ok, now I am boring myself. This post is ended. Over and out. 🙂


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