The Waiting Room

Do you ever feel like you are in ‘the waiting room’ in life? Misty’s song “I’m here in the waiting room// waiting on unanswered prayer” has been going through my mind a lot lately. 

It sort of gives that picture, of the times you just have to sit and wait… and wait… and wait. Waiting on what the Lord is going to bring to pass. Promises He has made, work He is doing in us, etc. Yet, today it just seems as if the fulfillment of the promise or the fruit of the work is as far out of our reach as the moon is from the earth.

And being in the waiting room makes your heart kind of like a pendulum sometimes. One day I am content, even glad at what the Lord is working in me. The next day, I am in pain, writhing inside at how long I have been waiting and may have to wait. Another day I have to pray myself through the day, warring against despair that threatens to rise up.

As the song goes, I am caught between what I believe and what I see. Waiting on unanswered pray. 

Yet, as Jesus said, blessed are those who do not see, and yet believe. And as I look back over the time that has passed, I am grateful for what the Lord has done in me thus far. A lot has been purged and purified. I wish the waiting was over, but it’s not. I guess there is more to be refined in my soul. I pray for grace to wait. 


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  1. macii

    I am so glad I came across your blog! I found it while searching for stuff on Narnia. Lewis is one of my favorite authors!

    Its been fun reading through your different posts and finding that you and I have ton in common . . . I’ve been to IHOP before with a good friend of mine. I even saw you gave running a try. If you can agree to disagree with me on politics you might enjoy checking out my blog:

    I hope to hear from you!

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