Humiliation versus Humbling

Humiliation is not a choice. Humbling often is. 

The difference between these two became very clear to me this past Sunday. While running sound everything went wrong. Stuff broke. Things were not working. The sound mix was bad. And it was abundantly clear to several hundred people, including many leaders that I highly respect. Not my fault, but still I was the one at the sound board. 

That was the point of humiliation. (At which I did shed a few tears)

Humbling or Humility is a choice. 

For example when a gentleman came to sound board complaining how loud it was, and had been for the last five years (!!!) I had to choose to be humble, kind and polite to this man. Unfortunately I had no answer to his question at why service had gotten so loud the last five or six years. I think the question was semi-ridiculous, but hey, that’s just my opinion. 🙂 

Yet despite whether I have a choice in the matter, there is still fruit; eternal rewards come from choosing servanthood. I am glad too… because now I can think about last Sunday and thank the Lord that He had that stuff happen. I did not enjoy going through it, but I am getting treasure in heaven because of it! 


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