Wait… Who’s blog is this?

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Yes, this is Amanda’s blog! I feel as though I should congratulate you on finding it – but that seems an odd response. It is a semi-quirky, potentially thoughtful place for me to post the thoughts that tickle me, the occasional ponderings and of course the inevitable predicaments. Welcome! 😛

For all you random never-met-me-or-known-me people out there… I am a full-time Intercessory Missionary with the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. In other words, it’s my job to pray. I am a part of the 6pm – midnight shift. For more info, check out my Coffee&Tea page. In addition to my prayer times, I also run sound for a worship team, teach math at a local homeschool coalition, teach preschoolers about prayer, and occasionally goof off. 🙂 Enjoy my blog!


2 responses to “Wait… Who’s blog is this?

  1. Yay! I am excited to learn that you are blogging!!!

  2. Hey Amanda –

    I enjoyed reading through your blog. I hope God is anwering your prayers in really cool ways today!

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