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I find it somewhat disturbing that young girls are being pursued by the make-up and beauty industry at the age of 6 yrs old. This article sort of paints it as “isn’t it interesting that our culture is moving this way”. I don’t think so. In my opinion it’s more an indication of the troubling nature of the industrialization of human trafficking. I agree with Rosalind Wiseman that this is simply the ‘hyper-sexualization’ of young girls. Why is it all of a sudden cute to see a small girl decking herself out in make-up and other ‘body-enhancing’ clothing?

On a different note. I am pleased to see that Starbucks is working on ‘re-training’ its’ baristas. That has been needed for a while. Although, unlike a few coffee shops around here, Starbucks does not burn it’s coffee. Still, the coffee shop has begun to resemble more of a fast-food chain than a place to chat and drink espresso. Sort of losing the ‘cultured’ feel that other smaller coffee shops have. 


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Update on the Almond Situation

Glory be, (you have to say that in a southern accent) today I went on an almond hunt. I was bound and determined that Starbucks is not going to do away with my love of Almond Lattes. It took some driving on icy roads, geting almost stuck a few times, and visiting two starbucks establishments, but my search was fruitful. I purchased that particular coffee shop’s last bottle of almond syrup. Now, aren’t you jealous. 😉

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What?! No Almond!?

I found out today that the rumor is true.

 Starbucks is discontinuing it’s almond syrup. I know, I was shocked too.

It’s a sad day.

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Latte Land

Nope, not the coffee shop, although I know there is a coffee shop named that here. Is it a chain or is it just a KC thing? Well, either way, I have huge news! Drum roll….

 I can now make Lattes. 🙂 Yes, I know, it’s thrilling!

I can now make my favorite drink, and save $$$ by not spending $4 at starbucks for a grande.

So, how you ask? Well, the couple that I live with have an espresso machine, and yesterday I learned how to make a latte. Steamed milk and everything! I made one today, and it was delicious! Well, I actually steamed half & half as an experiment – finding out later that is called a breve – and it was good, although rather filling. Next time, only milk for me, thanks. 🙂

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