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Prince Caspian!

I went to see Disney’s Prince Caspian a few weeks ago. Two days after it came out in theaters. My initial reaction was that I loved it! I think parts of it are definitely darker. The beginning with the Queen giving birth is rather jarring, and I think too frightening for young children. But I really enjoyed it. And I think Disney did a great job turning the book into something cinematic, as well as keeping the original theme of a ‘return to faith’ very prominent in the film. 

So, I very much enjoyed it. Any other thoughts?

I hope to go and see it again in a week or so… depending on the finances. 🙂


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A lesson well-learned

Phew! I learned a very important lesson today.

When fasting, do not try to be Superwoman. Leaving aside the reference to super-hero characters. (I actually was never much of a fan of superwoman, I preferred batman or dark-wing duck). However, I do seem to have this habit of trying to do things ‘all or nothing’. 

Like when I decided to become a runner (ha!), after the 2nd or 3rd day or not making it 3 miles, I gave up. I guess you could say that I want to put everything into life and sometimes practical stuff escapes me. Like, beginning that exercise routine with something small but every day. Now that has served me well. 

Back to today. I decided to be the marathon faster this GBF and just do water. Partly because of a situation with a loved one, where I have been crying out for breakthrough. Just picture me, running up that mountain… I am gonna make it… one more day. Unfortunately this morning I fell flat on my face. For you all out there, remember an essential fasting rule Stay Hydrated. A combination of de-hydration and that cup of coffee yesterday morning, woke me up an hour early, with warning signs pulpitating from my intestinal track. Its amazing how much you can throw up when in the last 20 hours you have only been drinking water, not to mention the last 6 hours you have been sleeping. 

Well, after an hour of misery, and another trip to the toilet, a friend rescued me with gatorade and saltines. My body is much happier and much more hydrated. Mmm mmm electrolytes. 🙂 And boy, was that a good lesson. It’s amazing the stuff you learn when you encounter pain. 😉 Ahh life. 


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Ooops… maybe a dog instead

Oh dear. I went to wayside waifs yesterday. And fell in love with… a dog. [Note: clearly I am having second thoughts after the previous post]

I don’t know if it will work out, but here is a picture so you all can see how cute he is. 🙂

His name is Mac. He is 8 yrs old, and a Welsh Corgi. I love Corgis. So, right now getting him is a maybe; there are a lot of things to think about first. Including Teddy the grey cat who rules the roost at my house. Not really sure, but I do like Mac a lot.

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Where? What? Huh?

If you are confused… I have not dropped off the face of the planet, I did not move, nor did I turn into a little green person. (You would be suprised what people will think) :-). I am alive and well, if a tad bit over-busy. Suffice it to say, that I have to be very disciplined with my time, and I keep running into the problem of my body requiring sleep. However, I was born with a high capacity for sleeping in any and every location. Which is why I have nodded off a few times (multiple) in the prayer room. The most embarrasing was when I was sitting next to the “Holy Spirit Window” (let the reader understand). I really hope nobody noticed. :-S

However, that does not mean that bloggable events have not ocurred nor does it insinuate that I have nothing to share. My most primary thought of the last few days has been my utter depravity. I spent about a week trying to get by without spending time in my secret place. I was terribly miserable the whole time. Which just goes to show you the insanity of running from God – the giver of life and the most beautiful person ever. Toward the end of that week, as my pride began to crumble under my utter misery, the following phrase flashed through my mind. “In the commerce of the the knowledge of God, I am a beggar.” I really like the sentence, for literary reasons. I think it is true too.

But, I am encouraged at the same time, by Psalm 27:4. For a period of time I had an aversion to this verse, mostly because when I read it, I felt the significance of my lack of being that person who dwells in the courts of God. Then, it struck me. The verse says, one thing I have desired and that will I seek. David was not dwelling in God’s courts and gazing on His beauty when he wrote that verse. He was longing to be in that place. And I realized, that longing goes deep within me as well. Even though I am easily distracted (so unlike the dove of the Song of Songs), and my heart flits from one thing to another. I hope that it is the work of God during my life to make me loyal, faithful, undistracted with a gaze only on Him. Only He can accomplish that, with this weak little fearful (cowardly) heart. It would be a marevelous work. And something for which I will be grateful for eternity. Lord, may it be so!

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Welcome to Baby Damme!

I would like to officially welcome Baby Damme into the world. Newest member of the nightwatch and newest sound tech. 😉 hee hee. Born today at 7:15am weighing 7lbs 13oz. Congratulations to Jessica and Travis!

 (update) 07/06/07 Baby Damme has been named {It’s a Boy!! woo hoo!!} … Isaac Gabriel, meaning ‘joyful messenger of the Lord’ or ‘the joy of the Lord is my strength.’

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Dave & Micah’s wedding!

Here are a few pics from Dave and Micah’s wedding yesterday! It was beautiful.

Click on the picture to see it full-size

Nathan and Holly Holly and Daniel

Micah and Dave Micah and Dave

Tom on Saxophone Tom playing at the reception

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