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Looking to the shepherds

I.e. the saints of old who have gone before… 

“The fair new petals must fall, and for no visible reason. No one seems enriched by the stripping. And the first step into the realm of giving is a like surrender – not manward but Godward; an utter yielding of our best.

So long as our idea of surrender is limited to the renouncing of unlawful things, we have never grasped its true meaning: that is not worthy of the name. For no polluted thing can be offered. The life lost on the cross was not a sinful one. The treasure poured forth there was God-given, God-blessed treasure, lawful and right to be kept, only that there was the life of the world at stake.” (Lilias Trotter)

“If my life is broken when given to Jesus, it is because the pieces will feed a multitude, while a loaf will satisfy only a little lad” (Ruth Stull) 


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Envy is a terrible thing

I have been doing some reading and studying on the topic of envy the past week or so. And the results are giving me that sort of ‘trembly’ feeling inside.

“A sound heart is life to the body, but envy is rottenness to the bones” Proverbs 14:30

God, in his mercy, has put me in several situations the last few weeks that have been bringing up envy and covetousness. [Oh the depravity of my soul!] I used to sort of give a side-glance to whenever envy came up in my spirit. Sort of like “eh whatever, no big deal”. But that was foolishness. Envy is a terrible thing. It’s end result is murder; because of envy Cain killed Abel, Sarah cast Hagar & Ishmael out to starve, Esau and Jacob were deeply divided. The results of that brotherly competition is still seen in the midst of the hatred of nations today.

Quite simply, envy is when you see something that your friend or brother has and you want it. It clouds your mind so you end up accusing them in your heart of sin or some sort or another. Just to excuse why you are disliking them so much. It causes terrible division. This is why I say that God in his mercy has put me in situations where I am struggling with this. And, in His mercy, He is giving me the grace to resist it.

But I just want to say, we need to resist envy! We cannot just ignore it, allowing it to foster in our souls and grow into something evil that quenches the life in our spirit and our communion with God. It must be resisted and fought – and by the power of the Holy Spirit it can be overcome. I want to be an overcomer.

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Entering hour 34 of no-sleep…

The bed is beckoning me. 🙂 I made it! It is now almost 11pm and I sucessfully made it through today without sleeping. Fought a few nods and during the 8pm intercession it was hard to keep from closing my eyes. They just wanted to close on their own. I was aided by several cups of coffee, including one cup of instant foldgers from the machine at FSM. Suprisingly it was not horrible. I so needed the caffeine burst that it seemed really good. Of course, the burnt tongue from the first sip probably helped the taste too. Without taste buds, everything seems good. 😛

 Oh and the 8pm intercession was really good. Ben, one of the singers, went off on an oracle over South Korea and the place broke loose in intercession. It was really intense. Then Misty went off praying for North Korea at the end. I love it when the whole room is engaged in intercession. Our little prayers really make a difference, and when people realize it and step up in intercession the room shifts and prayer really breaks loose. I love it.

 Hurrah I am off to sleep!!

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The Call – Nashville: still available online!

TheCall-ThumbGod TV has made The Call – Nashville available online, the entire 12 hours! I am watching it right now, it is so encouraging to go back to that event and watch the worship leaders, hear the speakers again. The Call was an awesome day of prayer! I came back so excited and energized for prayer…

So, check it out online if you get a few minutes! Launch the Video on Demand window and then click the link on the left to watch The Call-Nashville. It’s awesome!

(update… a few hours later…) I am still watching the Call on GodTV! I was just struck by a thought – this is really what Joel 2 looks like, back in the prophet Joel’s day when the nation gathered to pray and fast. Sure their clothes and instruments were different… but this is what it looked like! I am all quivery…

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