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Prince Caspian!

I went to see Disney’s Prince Caspian a few weeks ago. Two days after it came out in theaters. My initial reaction was that I loved it! I think parts of it are definitely darker. The beginning with the Queen giving birth is rather jarring, and I think too frightening for young children. But I really enjoyed it. And I think Disney did a great job turning the book into something cinematic, as well as keeping the original theme of a ‘return to faith’ very prominent in the film. 

So, I very much enjoyed it. Any other thoughts?

I hope to go and see it again in a week or so… depending on the finances. 🙂


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Thoughts from the chronicles…

Do you have a favorite Narnia book? I think the standard fav is the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – or to Narnia fans – LWW. 🙂 However, for many years, my favorite of the series has been The Horse and His Boy.

It could be because the central character – Shasta’s encounter with Aslan – the Lion (a.k.a. Jesus figure of the stories) is the most marvelous, in my opinion in the whole series.The story is generally about this young poor boy escaping slavery through many adventures, only to arrive in Narnia and find out that he is a long lost prince. Yes, very fairy tale ish. 🙂 

Beyond the idealism (which does apeal to my INFJ personality type) however, is the underlying perception, the feeling of ‘unbelonging’; which as I understand was intended by C.S. Lewis. Shasta is an impersonation of the term ‘stranger in a strange land’. He grows up longing for the ‘north’. Like Abraham sought for a country, Shasta leaves the land of his childhood and searches for more.A very similar longing aches in my chest. Not for a new country, but for a new creation. Truly for the “city who’s builder and maker is God”.

Sometimes I run from this longing, sometimes I bring it to God and find relief. As my friend is at this moment singing in the prayer room “I was made for so much more than this, I know”. This is a longing that is only satisfied in Jesus and only satisfied when he returns. Oh how long?!

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For all you Narnia fans…

Check out Disney’s Narnia Blog….

 Great fun reading and imagining what Prince Caspian is going to look like.

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