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We need revival

In scanning the New York Times online, I ran into a few disturbing articles today. The first, is a gathering together of people or many religions to study each other’s religions. Nothing new – that sort of stuff is in the news all the time – but the actions of the Christians amongst them bothers me. The church is supposed to be the light of the world, not examining all the false doctrines, lies and demonic things out there. Second, I ran into this audio slide show. I recommend you do not listen to the music – they are worshipping demons. Yes, the ‘church’ dressing up as demons and dancing to them. Just a few signs of the times. The church needs revival and we need to pray – we have far passed the whole luke warm lame church deal and definitely hit ‘Fellowship with darkness’. Ick.


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An almost break-in…

My house was almost broken into 2 nights ago! I was sitting at home Thursday night studying and I heard the dead bolt on the front door hitting the frame. Someone had firmly pushed the door; testing if it was unlocked. I thought at first I had an overactive imagination. Then, a few minutes later, I heard our sliding glass door get jerked; another test to find an open entrance. (The door was locked) I still only half believed that someone really tried to get into my house. Thankfully only an hour before this my roommate had called me from IHOP warning me of a recent filching of a friend. I was on the alert. I called my roommate and she told me to stay put and not leave the house. (Not that I would have been tempted me to do so, with strange thief-men hoping to burglarize my home)  So two guy friends came over and looked in our rooms and checked our locks. I fixed one of the window locks. In the process, we switched on the motion detector light over the back porch. 30 seconds later it went on! Someone was in my backyard! However, I had two strong males defending my house and they walked around the outside of the house and up and down the street.

I think the invaders did not want to deal with people and were hoping my habitation was either empty or asleep. Thank the Lord, this was not true and God was really watching out for my safety. Many little things happened that really was the Lord’s hand, and I am so grateful for His protection!

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