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I got a Mac!

Woo Hoo! I just bought my first mac! Me in space I know so typical – I spent quite a bit of time playing with the photo booth. I like this picture… just me doing the moon walk. 😉 Well, enough posting, I have a lot of data to transfer over from my old dell. 🙂


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snow, Snow, SNOW!

That’s right, yesterday we had our first big snowfall in KC. I was hugely suprised to see how quickly it appeared. My semi-comatose roommate asked if it was snowing around 9:30am, I was a bit cynical at the possibility of snow. It looked to be a grey day. By 9:45, little bits of flakes were falling. And I though, ‘ah, I guess there is snow, but that stuff will never stick’. Wow, I was so wrong. By 10am (!!!) there were big fat flakes, and by 10:15 the roads were in bad condition. I know because that is when I left for school, to teach my Algebra 1 class. Of course, the fact that the car I was driving a car that does not have anti-lock brakes and the brakes like to lock-up… I think made me significantly more nervous. Thankfully, I had a friend with me keeping me calm, and of course, several years of experience driving in snowstorms in NY. I made it safely, and drove skillfully.

Still, the snowfall, was very exciting! I half-hoped that school would close early (as did all my students), so that I could go home and sit on my couch with a cup of coffee and read a good book. Sigh, not to be. However, it was an enjoyable day, with the eventful weather. New snow sort of gives a new face to the whole world. 🙂

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You Tube Debate

The Republican GOP debate was last night. After some uncertainty, I was able to gather together a few people, and we enjoyed watching, discussing and laughing at the GOP candidates.

A few things I gathered from the debate. Romney is rather touchy. He came across as edgy and not able to control his emotions. Rather frightening in a potential leader. Ron Paul is just crazy. Well, radical might be a better word, rather too isolationist in my opinion. I think overall Mike Huckabee came across as the most competent, controlled and intelligent candidate. At this point, He’s got my vote.

I very much enjoyed Huckabee’s response to the question regarding the death penalty and ‘what would Jesus do’. His rejoinder? “Jesus was too smart to run for policitical office!” On many levels, that was the most satisfying answer I have heard in a long time. The cracks at Hilary were enjoyable, though some of them commonplace and obvious. The issues were discussed fairly well, though I was annoyed by two things. First, most of the candidates could not seem to end when ‘time’ was called. That was just disrespectful. Second, a few had quite a bit of difficulty actually answering the question! It seemed as soon as they were handed the stage, they took the opportunity to bash another candidate or the democratic party. Ickiness. Again, in both of these respects, Mike Huckabee came out a winner. If you have a chance, watch some of the debate!

I wish Mike Huckabee had posted the ‘Chuck Norris’ video though. If you haven’t see that, it’s a must.


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Umm Shrek?

This was one of those ‘I should have been sleeping, but instead I stayed up late surfing the net’ discoveries. and

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Wi-Fi Yippy!

My internet habit is now enabled! Hurrah!

Yes, that’s right, today for the first time, my house has internet. I expect you have wondered how I have been active online without this connection. True, IHOP has free wireless, but as I generally only pray and study with my computer there, other activities such as surfing the ‘net being frowned upon in a prayer environment. Which I heartily agree with, and only occasionally groaned about. Yes, IHOP was not exactly the place to blog. My unreliable internet source for the last year or so has been the typical – yes, the neighbor’s unsecured network. I don’t reccomend it, b/c it makes your computer more open to hackers and viruses. So, if you have an unsecured network, be wise, add a password. My neighbor finally did so, and after a bit of discussion among roommates, we have decided to get internet! I am exstatic.

Plus I need it since all of my gradebooks and lesson plans for school are posted online.

Well, I just wanted to share this joyful news with you all. Break out the party streamers and little plastic horns.

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Reflections on Teaching

A few amusing moments the last few days:

 Student #1:  “Hey, _____ why are you so chipper?”

Student #2: “Because I slept last class”.

Yeah, I laughed out loud.

Student (evidencing real concern) to Teacher, after eating cake in class: “Oh no, I forgot my toothbrush!”

My response: “You will be fine”

My students are simply hilarious. Frequently in class I just have to laugh, they are so enjoyable!

the 3 & 4 yr olds in my other class are just as funny. I have one child who just turned 3, so she is very young. She also has not quite caught onto the concept of staying in her assigned group, or not running away. Last class I spent quite a bit of time chasing her down. She just giggles and runs as fast as her chubby legs can carry her! So cute! Not to mention that her clothes sometimes are too big for her, so she will stumble over her pants and so on. She is not very verbal yet, but does understand a lot. Her response to a time out and a talk with teacher about obeying was “Z is feisty”!!!  I almost cracked up, when I was trying to discipline her!

 Yes, teaching is a very amusing occupation. Well, it has a few heartbreaks too. I have several students really struggling, and it pains me, because I want them to succeed and understand!

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One of those decisions…

I have made a decision. My next computer will be a Mac. (Apple-lovers rejoice!).


’tis true, I am fed up with my PC and greatly attracted by the Operating System of the MacBook. Plus the lovely compatibility between Microsoft Word, Excel and Apple’s iWork… Hmm yes that was the final straw. Come tax return time I will be shopping for a new computer. And it is about time, this little Dell that I am working on is  starting to   g  o       v   e   r  y        s    l    o     w    l     y.  

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