Fractals are a part of mathematics that I really enjoy. Primarily because in the very simple idea of a Fractal, the result is complex figures that are everywhere in nature. Fractals illustrate the mathematical nature of creation, and thus the mathematical nature of God. For everything is in Him, and through Him, and to Him.

The concept of a fractal is fairly easy to grasp. A fractal is basically a picture or pattern repeated over and over again. Each time it is repeated, the pattern gets smaller. This picture illustrates what I mean.

 Leaf Fractal

The math behind the fractals is rather difficult to explain, so I am not going to try. If you are looking for more info, go here and do some study. 🙂 Wikipedia has a good article on Fractals as well.

So, now to get down to the purpose of this page. I plan on putting pictures of Fractals that I encounter here. So, enjoy the pictures below!

 Fractal 01 Electricity caused this fractal. It also looks like a tree!

The sky?! This one looks like the sky!

A broccoli type plant This is a real plant! It is crazy how much of a fractal it is. I think the plant is related to the broccoli.

Pretty This shows how beautiful a fractal can be and how beautiful math is!

Microwaved DVDThis is another natural fractal. It’s what happens if you put a cd in the microwave!

Pretty 2Finally, another really beautiful one.


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