Miles is growing!

A few more pictures of Miles, including his interaction with the adult cat in our household – Teddy. Teddy and MIles are becoming fast friends. 🙂 I think Teddy enjoys the company, and Miles really enjoys having a friend to rough-house with. (I am grateful as well, as it works out Miles’ boundless energy). As you can see in the pictures, he really is growing. Next week when we visit the vet we will find out how much he has grown. At his last visit he was 2.3 lbs. I won’t be surprised if he has gained a whole pound! 





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Miles is learning not to bite

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An old hymn…

This has been on my heart the last few days… I don’t know the melody so if anyone does, please let me know? I would love to sing it. 🙂

One thing I of the Lord desire //  For all my life hath miry been //  Be it by water or by fire //  Oh make me clean, Oh make me clean

So wash me now, without, within, //  Or purge with fire if that must be //  No matter how, if only sin // Die out in me, Die out in me

James 1:2 – 4

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A few pictures of Miles

Well, he is a squirmy little guy but here he is! He is about 10 weeks old now, and he still needs to grow into his paws and tail. 🙂

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Happy Birthday IHOP!

I totally forgot to say!

Yesterday was IHOP’s 9 year anniversary. May 7th, 1999 we began prayer for 12 hours a day, then on Sept. 19th, 1999 we went 24-7. 

It was a good day. Nothing crazy happened in the prayer room, but we pressed in for healing again, we finished a 3 day fast, and it was encouraging to know that we have been doing this 9 years. 

August will be my personal 3 year anniversary of being at IHOP. It’s been a good journey. 🙂

(IHOP, a.k.a. The International House of Prayer of Kansas City)

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Well, hello to the 3 of you still reading this blog…

I took a loooong break from blogging. 🙂 This past month I have been doing a lot of transitioning (between teams) at IHOP and I have been trying to keep my classes at The Daniel Academy together. Planning lessons and grading papers tends to take the creative blogging out of me. ;-/ 

However, after 1 more week of classes and then 30 finals to grade the next week, I will be done! I am glad. It has been a long and hard year, as most people at TDA can testify to. Not without it’s rewards, that is certain. And I will be very sad to say goodbye to my students. This thing I can definitely say… mathematics aside… I definitely have two of the best classes of students at the school. I enjoy my students so much. 🙂 I am not sure how many, but I know that some students will be moving onto other schools or other cities next year. I am really going to miss them.

And, I will be teaching at The Daniel Academy next year! Two classes, hopefully Pre-Calculus and Algebra 2. But if there is not a high enough enrollment for Pre-Calc, then it will be Algebra 2 and Algebra 1. So, all you students out there… sign up for Pre-Calculus! It’s going to be a blast. 🙂 I am very excited about starting things fresh next year. I have a lot of ideas brewing in my mind, and I am looking forward to setting some standards from the beginning with the students. And having class 3 times a week will be wonderful. More time for creative stuff and discovery type of lessons. Good stuff. 

Well, I will leave other updates to future posts, but they include the addition of a very furry individual to my life! His name is Miles. More info to come later. 🙂


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A lesson well-learned

Phew! I learned a very important lesson today.

When fasting, do not try to be Superwoman. Leaving aside the reference to super-hero characters. (I actually was never much of a fan of superwoman, I preferred batman or dark-wing duck). However, I do seem to have this habit of trying to do things ‘all or nothing’. 

Like when I decided to become a runner (ha!), after the 2nd or 3rd day or not making it 3 miles, I gave up. I guess you could say that I want to put everything into life and sometimes practical stuff escapes me. Like, beginning that exercise routine with something small but every day. Now that has served me well. 

Back to today. I decided to be the marathon faster this GBF and just do water. Partly because of a situation with a loved one, where I have been crying out for breakthrough. Just picture me, running up that mountain… I am gonna make it… one more day. Unfortunately this morning I fell flat on my face. For you all out there, remember an essential fasting rule Stay Hydrated. A combination of de-hydration and that cup of coffee yesterday morning, woke me up an hour early, with warning signs pulpitating from my intestinal track. Its amazing how much you can throw up when in the last 20 hours you have only been drinking water, not to mention the last 6 hours you have been sleeping. 

Well, after an hour of misery, and another trip to the toilet, a friend rescued me with gatorade and saltines. My body is much happier and much more hydrated. Mmm mmm electrolytes. 🙂 And boy, was that a good lesson. It’s amazing the stuff you learn when you encounter pain. 😉 Ahh life. 


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