Perplexing, Ponderable, & Potentially Playful Pericope(s)

“theology, therefore, must be concerned much less with showing man that Christ offers him what he wants and much more concerned with showing man that he cannot help but worship the splendor of what he sees.” ~Jeffrey Kay [Read Hebrews 1:1-3]


“miraculous golden flashes of yearning embedded in the dross of reality” ~Thomas Cahill 


“Jesus is not coming in a vacuum” ~Mike Bickle [That is quite a visual] 🙂

“I’m sleep depraved…” ~Mindy Hurdelbrink 



“What is truth?” … Jesus may not have spoken to Pilate, but He did speak to us … His answer was as perplexing and as contrary to our expectations as was His silence to Pilate. “I am the Truth…,” He said, implying that truth is more than a sum of right answers. It is not something to have at all but something, first and above all else, to be. Truth is a spirit, a life; and this spirit, this life is the way, the only way to the Father… Suddenly it dawns upon us that it is not by having truths but by becoming true that we are saved. God’s desire is not merely to inform us but to transfigure us, not to fill us with truths but to make us true.

The Spirit of Truth     Art Katz




On the last, cold day of December in the dying year we count as 406, the river Rhine froze solid, providing the natural bridge that hundreds of thousands of hungry men, women and children had been waiting for. They were the barbari – to the Romans an undistinguished, matted mass of Others, not terrifying, just troublemakers, annoyances, things one would rather not have to deal with – non-Romans. To themselves they were, presumably, something more, but as the illiterate leave few records, we can only surmise their opinions of themselves. (!!!)

 How the Irish Saved Civilization        Thomas Cahill (parenthesis and underlining is my enhancement ~A)


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